18th September 2019 – 31st January 2020

Associated exhibition – 15th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale
Curator: Fanny Robin

The prolific and masterful work of Andrea Mastrovito begins with the impulse of drawing to unfold on composite materials (collages, rules, marquetry), often with reference to traditional know-how. At the Bullukian Foundation, the artist develops four majors in situ installations immersing the viewer in the very heart of the artwork.

Inaugurating the exhibition path, the installation « Le monde est une invention sans futur » (the world is an invention without future) invite us to browse a 110 m2 floor installation made in wood inlay. The representations that compose it are inspired by seven scenes from the films of the Lumière Brothers, revisited from the angle of our contemporary history. The wonder and lightness present in the game of the actors of the first films in the history of cinema thus give way to a darker vision of our society, between modern cities in ruins, displacement of populations, popular revolts, and states of insurrections.

Andrea Mastrovito, Le monde est une invention sans futur, installation in situ, 2019 © Fondation Bullukian
Andrea Mastrovito, Le monde est une invention sans futur, installation in situ, 2019 © Fondation Bullukian

In the same way, NYsferatu – Symphony of a Century, projected for the first time in France, revives Friedrich W. Murnau’s movie (1922) with New York and the migratory issue as the backdrop for this new contemporary fresco.

Gradually through the exhibition, the excitement and melancholy gave way to the idea of resurrection and hope. After crossing the garden of the Bullukian Foundation, Andrea Mastrovito’s installations become bright and radiant, the image of a new reborn. The artist proposes then a rereading of the present characterized either by the melancholy of an inevitable destiny or by the enchantment of a life which is always born from its own destruction.


This exhibition is produced in partnership with the Fondachal Foundation, under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, the Wilde Gallery, and the Galleria Michela Rizzo.

Born in 1978 in Bergamo, Andrea Mastrovito lives and works between Bergamo (Italy) and New York (USA).


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