True to the will of its creator and in accordance with its recognition of public utility, the Bullukian Foundation acts, alone or in partnership, with individuals, businesses, and associations, in favor of project of general interest.

In its fields of action, the Foundation brings its experience, its know-how, and its team’s advice to the associations, as well as to sheltered foundations it supports, in order to contribute to the realization of their projects.

Our commitment and our expertise near to these projects allow us to mobilize many actors or to respond to their request by real actions, which you can participate by contributing your ideas, your skills, and your resources, as partner or patron.

You can, by committing alongside us and by benefiting from our service, dedicate your donations and legacies to general interest actions of your choice, carry out in the fields that are ours.

For the organization of your events at the Bullukian Foundation, the privatization is also possible. The art center, a vast 1 300 m2 complex, offers endless possibilities to make each of your events an exceptional experience in a unique and privileged setting. Each partnership is considered in close collaboration with our team.