Since its creation, the Bullukian Foundation has supported cancer research, and more broadly applied medical research, in accordance with its founder’s will.

This support for cancer research has taken several aspects: direct or indirect participation (association with other patrons) in the funding of research laboratories on areas related to nutrition, prevention, support for the organization of symposia or days of studies, funding research work for young researchers, hosting foreign researchers, etc. During 15 years, the Foundation has welcomed and financially supported the network head of the Cancéropôle Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes reuniting together sets of cancer research teams.

In the context of applied medical research, the Foundation also supports loads of patient associations, more especially in the field of rare diseases. It has funded several conferences in the field of health crucial in France and abroad: on the role of water (Shanghai), on nutrition (Spain), and one on “environment and health”.

It organizes every year, with the Mérieux Foundation and the Academy of Sciences, a symposium dedicated to the latest advances in health research.

In order to intensify its action, the Bullukian Foundation will present in the coming months its new program and its new methods of intervention, always focused on cancer but also on “sustainable health for all”, with the primary concern of getting closer to the large public, who benefit from research, is an inexhaustible source of information, support its actions and is curious about the information on the focus of health.