8th September – 27th  November 2012

Aram Dervent, artist born in Burundi in 1949 and graduated from the Villa Arson, develops his research around the symbols of memory, mineral and plant waste or even the residues of manufactured or industrial products. He presented the Euphrate series of photographs to the Bullukian Foundation, taken from his work based on places and landscapes of memory.

Euphrate follows the path of the Armenian deportation to Syria along the Euphrates and Khabur rivers. The photographs seek to draw from the nudity of space the signs, symbols and metaphors with which memory is clothed. A space where memory, between archives and feelings, vanishes in a landscape that opens up like a wound.

Aram Dervent is interested in the notion of painting and tries to find correspondences in photography. Just like in painting, the representation is part of a staging, a staging that calls on perspective and is built within a frame. The horizon line where the vanishing point is fixed, where all the lines converge, anchors the gaze. By reusing the principle of the Camera Obscura, dear to the painter Vermeer, Aram Dervent composes enigmatic images where the confusion and dilution of a sometimes light, tenuous line between two spaces destabilize our perception of reality.

Euphrate ©Aram Dervent
©Aram Dervent


Born in 1949 in Burundi, Aram Dervent lives and works in Paris.


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