Created in 2005 in the heart of the historic district of Valencia, the Armenian Heritage Center (AHC) is a unique cultural institution in Europe dedicated to the history of peoples and cultures. A place for discussion and discovery open to the world, it offers citizen-oriented cultural programming throughout the year.

With more than 400 m2, its permanent exhibition route is particularly attached to the destinies of Armenians from the former Ottoman Empire. From the testimony of the history of the Armenian diaspora to the present day, The AHC explores more broadly questions relating to peoples and identity, exile, conflicts as well as their memory.

A veritable resource for research and the transmission of knowledge on migration, it invites the public to question these issues and take a different look at the contemporary world and its challenges.

In 2018, the Bullukian Foundation participated, through its support, in the extension and modernization project of the AHC, to help in the renewal of its museography, in the development of mediation towards audiences and the establishment of multimedia tools.



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