The humanitarian and social program Arménie Terre de Vie participates, with the commitment of young volunteers, in a citizen action in favor of the development of Armenia and its youth, around three axes: education, health, and environment.

Founded by the young members of AGBU Paris (Armenian General Benevolent Union), Arménie Terre de Vie mission is to help populations of the most remotes rural areas of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, by carrying out educational missions, cultural and environmental, particularly targeting local youth.

Each program mobilizes around thirty volunteers aged 18 to 30 to contribute to the renovation of educational buildings, the distribution of school supplies and materials, to campaigns to prevent and raise awareness of food and dental hygiene rules, and environmental issues.

Mission Arménie Terre de Vie dans le village de Sarigyugh, 2019 © UGAB France
Mission dans le village de Sarigyugh, 2019 © UGAB France

Developed around the values of sharing, solidarity, and exchange, Arménie Terre de Vie is a source of mutual enrichment between young volunteers and local populations.

Since 2011, nearly 100 volunteers have come together to help seven villages, thereby helping to build an environment conducive to the development and future of the country.


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