13th June – 19th July 2014

Exhibition as part of 2014 Lyon BD Festival

Curator : Fanny Robin

The exhibition La tendresse des pierres by Marion Fayolle, illustrator and comic book author, invites us into a story that is both intimate and in the right distance, of her father’s illness. With a deceptively naive style, served by both the design and the tone of the narration, the author constructs a metaphorical and surreal universe.

Made from original drawings from the eponymous book, published by Éditions Magnani, the exhibition, designed by Studio Monsieur, is disturbing of sensitivity. Marion Fayolle finds the right language, which makes it possible to say not only the physical and psychological metamorphoses of the father, but also those of the fragile rebalancing of forces within the family nucleus.

Marion Fayolle, La Tendresse des pierres (extrait) © Editions Magnani
Marion Fayolle, La Tendresse des pierres (extrait) © Editions Magnani



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