16th June – 30th July 2016

Curator : Fanny Robin

Vincent Broquaire, artist and illustrator graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, offers with the exhibition Cave Studies, a drift of our perception of nature and reality in the internet and digital age.

The exhibition is also a metaphor for artistic research and the exploration of drawing as an inner journey and where landscapes and caves appear as artifices created by man.

His work then makes resonate the myth of the allegory of the cave exposed by Plato, which enters into a confrontation with our entire digital era, where the digital appears as a world intertwined with ours, both invisible and omnipresent, offering a new perception of reality.

Vincent Broquaire, Extension, 2016
Vincent Broquaire, Extension, 2016


Born in 1986, Vincent Broquaire lives and works in Strasbourg.


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