Tuesday October 6 at 12.30 pm and at 13.15pm

On the occasion of the exhibition Fragments mouvants, the Bullukian Foundation invites you to assist to the meeting with the artist Lionel Sabatté.

Rencontre avec l'artiste Lionel Sabatté, 2019 © Fondation Bullukian
Rencontre avec l'artiste Lionel Sabatté

The living sphere as well as the transformations of matter due to the passage of time are found at the heart of Lionel Sabatté’s work.

For several years now, the artist has been carrying out a process of collecting materials that carry with them the traces of a lived experience: dust, ash, charcoal, dead skin, tree stumps … These elements are unexpectedly combined and the works thus created carry within them both a delicacy but also a “disturbing strangeness“.

Practicing both painting, drawing and sculpture, Lionel Sabatté inscribes his artistic approach in a continuous exploration of the material.

His research gives rise to poetic, sensitive and disturbing works which participate in a global reflection on our condition and the place we occupy in our environment.

Chimères de rouille et de poussière, Lionel Sabatté & Eric Chevillard, éd. Couleurs contemporaines, 2020
© Éditions Couleurs contemporaines

On the occasion of his monographic exhibition at the Bullukian Foundation, come and meet the artist Lionel Sabatté, for a moment of privileged exchanges around his works.

The meeting will be followed by a signing session for the book Chimères de rouille et de poussière, Lionel Sabatté & Éric Chevillard, published by Couleurs contemporaines (on sale : 15€).

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