Continuing the sponsorship initiated by its founder, the Bullukian Foundation continues to preserve the collection of artworks collected by Napoleon Bullukian during his lifetime.

There are canvases by artists from Lyon, such as the painters Chancrin, Couty, Montet and Fusaro.

To promote and make this fund accessible to as many people as possible, the Bullukian Foundation presents these works during an exhibition outside the walls, as was the case in 2014 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon for the exhibition “Dialogues with the Bullukian Foundation” or during the exhibition “Elles, question de genre? At the Paul Dini Museum in 2019.

Even today, the Bullukian Foundation continues to support artists by expanding its collection with the acquisition of contemporary works. This is how recent works by Véronique Ellena, Vincent Fournier, Alberto di Fabio and even Andrea Mastrovito interact with historical paintings by Truphémus or Cottavoz, to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage transmitted by Napoleon Bullukian.

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