Concerned about supporting artists in the spread and promotion of their work, the Bullukian Foundation produces publications associated with its exhibitions and the cultural programming of its art center

These works, published in limited editions, are produced in close collaboration with the artists. Often enriched with interviews or critical texts, they bear witness to the dynamism of cultural programming and allow all audiences to extend their visiting experience. Among recent publications, we find those of Andrea Mastrovito and yet of Alberto di Fabio.

It is with this same desire to participate in the influence of creation that the Bullukian Foundation has entrusted the creation of its greeting card to illustrators for several years. This is how Bénédicte Muller, Jérémie Fischer and even Edith Carron imagined, for each collaboration, an original drawing inspired by the actions of the Foundation. In 2019, the Bullukian Foundation worked alongside the Graphein Foundation, under its aegis, by inviting the young illustrator Charlotte Huguenin, a graduate of the Emile Cohl School, to create the original design for her greeting card.


 Publications are available for sale at the reception of the Bullukian Foundation art center.


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