3rd April – 19th May 2012

The Bullukian Foundation invites two German artists of different generations, both passionate about the line and its possible transformations. The work of Carolin Jörg, which focuses primarily on the practice of drawing, thus dialogues with that of the sculptor Markus F. Strieder and his sculptures in the forms of free vortices.

For this exhibition, Carolin Jörg proposes the creation of an in-situ universe linked to drawing, with works on paper that are also deployed in wall installations and volumes. Textile processes and materials also play an important role in the artist’s work, which often alternates between second and third dimensionality.

To accompany Carolin Jörg and her research on lines, sculptor Markus F. Strieder invests the main courtyard with sculptures made of wrought iron.

Installation, Markus F.Strieder, 2012 ©DR
Installation, Markus F.Strieder, 2012 ©DR

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