10th – 28th February 2015

Exhibition produced with the collaboration of Documents d’artistes Network.

By observing the relationships that individuals maintain with their environment, the balance of power and the ambiguities that are based therein, the artists gathered in this exhibition highlight area of conflict, between lived territories and geopolitical issues, economic interests and social protest, the notion of property and exclusion.

Through the various documentary, narrative, scientific or fictional procedures, the invited artists develop alternative tools to analyze the present. A subjective analysis, going through the observation of the relationships that individuals have with their environment, the balance of power and ambiguities that are based on it. Their works put language and image to the test, questioning the writing of memory and representation.

Guest curator: Mathilde Villeneuve.

With works by: Fabienne Ballandras – Jonas Delaborde – Karim Kal – Benoît Laffiché – Frédérique Lagny – Pascal Poulain – Guillaume Robert – Till Roeskens – Ian Simms – Serge Le Squer

Karim Kal, La tour, 2011-2012 © Karim kal
Karim Kal, La tour, 2011_2012 © Karim kal




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