16th– 20th September 2014

As part of the 2014 Dance Biennale

the Bullukian Foundation is hosting Artificial Landscapes, a project initiated by Jérémy Tran, a contemporary dancer trained at the CNSMD in Lyon. Simultaneously a short film, an exhibition and a performance, this work aims to explore the possibilities of dance, video and photography, through the flagship concepts of the eponymous film.

Artificial Landscapes is also a sensitive journey that illustrates the paradoxes of the human being through an architectural and human landscape, where the body becomes essential, tiny and ephemeral. The garden of the Bullukian Foundation, surrounded by its flayed walls, becomes during the exhibition a place of freedom, open to dance and the unexpected, to experimentation and exchange. This project is a story whose writing has mobilized around a hundred women and men, all volunteers, passionate and enthusiast to participate. An adventure, like a human landscape.

Artificial Landscapes, performance, 2014 © C. Capelle Tourn
Artificial Landscapes, performance, 2014 © C. Capelle Tourn



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