February 9 – March 19 2022.

Curatorship : Fanny Robin

The Bullukian Foundation offers linked with its art center exhibitions, but in a new environment, an unseen program untitled FOCUS.

Imagined like a third space based on cartes blanches given to artists of project carrier, FOCUS aims to be a space of expression open to innovative initiatives. For its first FOCUS, the Bullukian Foundation welcomed until March 19, 2022 the latest series of paintings of Vannessa Fanuele with the title : Ultra and Alpha.

During the isolation, Vannessa Fanuele had the desire to paint windows with imaginary landscapes. Vanessa Fanuele asked herself if we could have souvenirs from what we cannot own? Indeed, she never went to these painted landscapes even if it seems like it. This architecture is a mix between archive images and memories.

Very present and vigorous, colour covers figures like a veil and blurs the subject. She made disappeared these places which are linked to 50’s architecture.



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