12th September 2013 – 5th January 2014

12th Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale

For this new collaboration with the Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale, the Bullukian Foundation is welcoming the work of two international artists: visual artist and performer Yoko Ono, as well as photographer Roe Ethridge.

Roe Ethridge’s work constantly oscillates between fashion series and the art world, between conceptual photography and commercial work: his images always emanate from his direct use of the world. The artist explores the plastic possibilities of the photographic medium through many genres: stylized versions of classic compositions, striking and intimate details of everyday life, portraits and landscapes are adapted and combined to create new visual experiences. From image to image and from frame to frame, the artist develops an open and generous narrative.

Summer dream, Yoko Ono, 2013 ©Blaise Adilon
Yoko Ono, 2013 ©Blaise Adilon

In the Foundation’s garden, Yoko Ono, recognized visual artist and outstanding performer, presents Summer Dream, a work that is both subversive and interactive, but intimately linked to everyday life. Here, the artist encourages us to describe our summer dreams and invites us to share our dreams in the form of short texts broadcast live on a light panel.



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