Determined to support creation and its actors, the Bullukian Foundation unveils the beneficiary projects of its Support Fund for the creation.

Spread over the entire territory of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, these projects testify to a great diversity of practices, backgrounds and mediums that we invite you to discover!

Armando Andrade Tudela

Armando Andrade Tudela is interested in projections and translations of imaginaries and thoughts that exist from one culture to another. By means of sculptures, drawings, photographs or films, his work mainly focuses on the circulation of forms in heterogeneous contexts. The Bullukian Foundation supports its creation project Tala Fantasma, which critically explores the pedagogical methodology developed by Adolfo Winternitz, central figure of Peruvian art.


Vue de l'exposition de Valérie du Chéné à Angle Art Contemporain, 2020 © François Deladerrière

Angle Art Contemporain

Contemporary art space located in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (Drôme Provençale), Angle has been hosting temporary, individual or collective exhibitions since 1983 with the desire to share experiences with the public. This associative place pays particular attention to the spreading and mediation of contemporary art through meetings, conferences, educational workshops, residencies or even editorial projects. The Bullukian Foundation supports the continuation of its activities.



A young artist from Lyon who graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble in 2017, Ivan Arlaud realizes, with the support of the Bullukian Foundation, his first art publishing project, in partnership with the Tracanelli gallery (Grenoble) which represents him. This limited edition of one hundred copies will be enriched with an enhanced multiple. The artist sees this project as a new artistic medium of expression.


Delphine Balley

Graduated from the École Nationale de Photographie in Arles, artist Delphine Balley explores family rites and stories through photographic, cinematographic and sculptural productions. The Bullukian Foundation supports its project to create new wax pieces. His productions will be presented during a monographic exhibition at macLYON in September 2021.


Ateliers Bermuda

Located in Sergy (Ain), the Bermuda workshops are built as a creative space of 1200m² based on a collaborative model. Its workshops house various individual and collective workspaces, making it possible to pool spatial and material resources, to develop collaborative activities, reception and dissemination of contemporary art. In particular, the Bullukian Foundation encourages its artistic intervention program Les Bâtisseurs, which since 2018 has been hosting the construction site of this new production and distribution site.


Centre d’art contemporain de Lacoux

Located in a hamlet of Bugey (Ain), the Contemporary art center of Lacoux has been taking over the old school and town hall of the village since 1971. This unique place to discover the contemporary art scene, with an exhibition area of 200 m² spread over two levels, has seen its 2021 programming endangered by the Covid-19 crisis. The support of the Bullukian Foundation allows the realization of its two major annual exhibitions: Redevenir autochtones with Marinette Cueco, Pistil Paeonia and Anna Zemánková, curated by Julie Crenn, and La nuit des vivants, monograph by Michel Blazy.


Anthony Delia

Graduated from ESAD Grenoble-Valence in 2019, photographer Anthony Delia questions through his practice the dialogue between place and what it contains. The Support Fund allows for the pursuit of his research for the production of a photographic translation of the book by the philosopher Herrigel, Le Zen dans l’Art Chevalesque du Tir à l’Arc. These works will be returned in the form of a forthcoming edition.

La Halle

Established since 1986 within the Vercors Natural Park, la Halle is part of a dynamic of support for creation and experimentation. The program alternates between group exhibitions and monographs. La Halle also invites artists to produce in situ projects, thus becoming a real laboratory for contextual artistic research. Likewise, the season is punctuated by numerous satellite activities (artist residencies, outside the walls …), transmission and cultural.


HS Projets - FITE

Created in 2012, the International Festival of Extra Ordinary Textiles (FITE), led by the association HS_Projets, each year promotes the know-how and national and international players in the textile world. Weakened by the Covid-19 crisis, the HS_Projets association and the FITE benefit from the support of the Bullukian Foundation, in order to allow their activities to continue, through cultural events and mediation actions aimed at all audiences, and in particular the residency project of the Guyanese collective Lova Lova.



Association based in Annecy since 1993, Images Passages works for the spreading and production of artists from the area, as well as for their meeting with the public. The support of the Bullukian Foundation allows the maintenance of a diversified artistic program accompanied by evenings debates, internships and workshops of artistic practices.


Collectif item

Founded in Lyon in 2001, the Item collective was formed to produce, distribute, collaborate and transmit. The heart of the collective is an uninterrupted and passionate relationship with photography. The image is material for writing, it allows reality to be told and brought to where it is not, to look at it and to confront it with others. The Item collective is now made up of ten photographers, a graphic designer, a director and an anthropologist.


Géraldine Kosiak

Spring 2020 marks a new stage in Géraldine Kosiak’s research, through the production of a new series of paintings Les dix mille choses, and the realization of her tapestry drawings with the assistance of the Manufacture de Bourgogne. These tapestries are presented, along with seven paintings, at the MACLyon in the collective exhibition Comme un parfum d’adventure, from October 7, 2020 to July 18, 2021.


Yann Lévy

Yann Lévy is a painter without a picture. His practice leads him to space his painting in the form of heterogeneous assemblages of painted surfaces. It becomes an installation, an environment. The Bullukian Foundation is supporting his project to create a new series of paintings, entitled Vague brune, exploring the effects of matter and transparency of the use of bitumen from Judea.


Camille Llobet

The artist Camille Llobet realizes with the support of the Bullukian Foundation Pacheû, a sound and video creation project whose objective is to record the memory of a landscape in the process of disappearance, the desert environment of the high mountains of the massif of Mont-Blanc. It will be a question of approaching the landscape by sound then of recording and filming this complex environment tested by the body of the guides of Saint Gervais.


Keiko Machida

Originally from Osaka, Keiko Machida explores an assiduous and sensitive practice of drawing, painting and ceramics. The Bullukian Foundation is supporting the realization of her first major solo exhibition in Haute-Savoie, where she lives and works, at the Point Commun in Cran-Gevrier (spring 2021).


Étienne Mauroy

Graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, the sculpture and ceramist Etienne Mauroy realizes, with the support of the Bullukian Foundation, two exhibition projects: La Pensée Sauvage at the Tatiss gallery (Lyon, October 2020) and Autour de Poêle at Atelier Sumo (Lyon, dates to be defined).

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Lili Reynaud Dewar’s artistic practice mainly takes the form of performances, sculptures, videos and installations. Her works are inspired by alternative and feminist cultures through which she pays tribute through certain historical figures. The Bullukian Foundation supports its new creation project Gruppo Petrolio, a film about a (fake) film shoot in Grenoble, focusing on collective action and work, on performative activism.


Stromatolite fossilisée de Shark Bay, Australie. Échantillon provenant de la collection du Laboratoire de Géologie du CRNS, de Lyon.

Sarah Sandler

Borrowing from the fields of anthropology and ecology, Lyon artist Sarah Sandler uses speculative storytelling and science fiction to create installations, sculptures, videos and texts. The Bullukian Foundation is supporting the realization of his first solo exhibition in a French institution at the Madeleine-Lambert plastic arts space in Vénissieux (Rhône-Alpes).


Collectif Scenocosme

Cyclic is an interactive visual and sound work that brings people together. She invites the public to share a time of symbolic and sensitive relationships. This interface of exchanges and physical connections is experienced as an organic system, nourished by the energy of all. The artist couple Scenocosme brings together Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt.


Chloé Serre

Graduated of the Saint-Etienne Superior School of Art and Design, Chloé Serre deploys a sculptural and performative practice that questions the ritual elements inherent in social interactions. She is producing, with the support of the Bullukian Foundation, a new sculptural performance Engramms, involving the deployment of ritual idioms of daily mechanics.


SHAKERS Lieux d’Effervescence

Located in the town of Montluçon (Allier), the SHAKERS association is an artists’ residence. As the main cultural structure promoting contemporary art in the Montluçonnais region, it initiates an annual support program for 3 emerging artists, hosting 6 local artists and numerous mediation actions for all audiences. Following the drop in activity linked to Covid-19, the Bullukian Foundation is supporting its activities, by allowing the realization of the exhibition project Eden by artist Olga Kisseleva, as part of Montluçon Art Nature (summer 2021).


Collectif Stillatio

Resulting from the collaboration between artists Sandrine Isambert and Benoît Billotte, Stillatio consists of the creation and production of a work in the form of a large-format double blown glass hourglass. The produced piece will be presented as part of the ImagesPassages program in Annecy.